tisdag, september 15, 2015

The meaning of life. A modest proposal.

~ Dont be a dick just dont be a dick ~


Between wages and salaries flows a river of tears. 

Look around you in the subway - you share the world with masses of domestic slaves on the way to, or recovering from, their latest paroxysm of work. 

The tragedy is that those who do work, work so much they are no longer human. 

Those who doesnt work lead tragic existences in the midst of the spektacle of plenty. 

The plague of work, the bulimia of work, the homicide of work - give work its proper attributes. 


From a unknown source.

These words been a lost voice in our time.

with all the rich but dead context since heart is closing every time i call its more lies an old fire engines now out of style old tech just rest in dust. 
for food! 
Complain and every one says 
-they dont hear 
-but they pretend to 
-communication is lost. 

We passed the winter solstice luckely, 
this is a slow walk out of the 
and suddenly we are free free free free.

no. Were not.


All there is to life really: 

1. Make kids.... 
(They are kinda nice and its kinda nice 
and because we can!) 

2. Do nice and good for others. 
(Because we can!) 

3.Let others do nice and good for you. 
Beucause you can, or grow into be able) 



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