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To wake by force AND wet one self down FAST - jims poetry or rant and some talking gifs

To wake by force-wet one self down-CHEW-wall - HATE life in 7,5 hours-walk-chew-lay sleep-wake by

force-wet one self down-chew-walk-hate life in 7,5 hours-walk-chew-lig-wakeby force-wet one self

down-chew-walk-hate life in 7,5 hours-walk-chew-lig-wake…..and when to live? one ask and ppl

starts…”there are some nice shows on TEVE ” So they sit up to 11:30 and have even harde to wake

etc…it MUST be possible to create a better system -NOO IM NOT A ‘COMMIE’ who were some ppl that

at least did try….why did THEY miss out….i tell you why….most ppl dont wanna hear this….they kept the

key feature of the old (our present) and used it as always

‘so it all took a krap in the blue cupboard’

and evryone just gave up….

‘there are bake sale on sundays. We are free then.’

NO its not okey!

The key component DESTROYING LIFE in all more developed systems

yet is the


We have kept an ancient power and decision system alive for no good

reason but to keep the boys occupied. No, we should let them be who

they want, beside fans of football jerseys in a special pattern with the

oh,so important colors. This is a long gone need to

drum up war people cause there arent to be such a war again hopefully.

But i like to watch curling-well do so but we should get rid of it all in
society and in buisness and MORE


Ownership is in here somehow but i cant think it all up.

I mean thats the score for today, she/he with the most junk and potentialy junk to be wins.

He won. hi hi hi hi he ho.

AND, if this work really must be so bad organised, why today the walk 5-2?

Why work for 5 days into selfmutulation to be free just two?

As you come out of the bath at friday nght its really sunday night and late.

People never get free. And poor people get even less free cause thay have to

live with the weight knowing this is it.bad food bad roof bad bad bad.

I suggest that we work three days and are free three days. Even as washer of hell

you can stand it three days without turning stiff of suicide and three days is a lot more

than two.

Yes it is, three brisk mornings own by you three nights out if you absolutely must get

pissed and nearly start to cry when you realise the shit of iy all.

And id suggest also that mondays etc of course has theire place but mainly is inadequat.

Further a system wit the three over lapping schemas can be done

Say you work mon-tue-wed

on the tue here a new shift starts

and another one and here grrr likes this.

one – two – three

           one – two – three

                      one – two – three

And let it go all week round where every one must be replaceable. That is the case anyhow.

But to tame the competitivness are hard, must start with the kids. Its a surviver key to kids in

the 45 000 years or so we walked with the animals feed patterns. Then a party was lime 30-50

people, a small walking village,and the kids was a bunch in and out around the walking,riding,


Kids are to a 100% dependent on the grown ups and evolution wants as many kids to live so

mummy look at me…no mee…now there were many grownups to turn to, but to be left out of

the care then -as today- was a dire messege with no hope….alas


(On a lighter note, by the same reason something as fused into kids are born. Every kid should

have its share. Fair is born by those darn kids!

Give 11 pieces of candy two 6 year old and say gravely “now share very good” and watch

the world as we know it be born…My guess is that eiter of the kids will stel and then they comes

to you to split the now growing question. Ok, they may have turned to the higher

power already when it was sure the deal was falling, but probably one 6yo took it yomyom

Bohooooaaa from the other kid cause there was VERY important they share.

Anyway, they comes to you, the higher power….hmm….God is a prick if he exists.

Not giving a hoot about us and how we have it and HAVE HAD it even more so.

Either he dont care (thanx a lot)

dont know (fine allknowing deity)

or cant. (impotent)

Of course this can be a local view (local, as on earth) but in any case it look like cat-shit.

Competion then….

There arent no such need in reallity it seem, just stoopid brothers and sisters who cant give it

up….Mummy mummy look at mee NO LOOK AT MEee…’

Jesuz with the white congas.

We must rid us from these crazy ways.

Am i wrong, dont think so. And whats the problem with that they usually say, life it self is to compete

AHA And exactly is that coming along…eh…eh…? No what a big City like The Human one does primarely

is TO COOPERATE i cant get stuff together into a loaf of bread etc and now we have come some way in

that field…couldnt we take down the competition a tad? Thin, what comes out of the olympics? Well,

you say,, a big party, ppl all over the world watch sports kida old ones but ok…is that it (i asked

knowingly hi hi) Well a lot of nice buildings and/stop/ most shit never used again,

On the human plane Olympic games produce 10 000s of LOSERS.

Yes, 150-300 winners but the rest just had a nice flight.This is ok i guess if we want to use means for it

but on the larger scale, the human race (not homosapiens etc) the race on to our graves could be a little

less stoopid and cold….i turned into shit doing that eat-work-die for 25+ years.

People never get a chance….no, g’nite and dont let my stupid rants disturb you cause IM disturbed, yes

thats it HE is a idiot, lets race eachother…first to the bike shed…I WON

happy you...


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