måndag, augusti 17, 2015



The king

AUGUST STRINDBERG - He told the tuth but got lost in the mystery of women and looked down upon today but he was brilliant beyond comparsion. He formulated a new era lomg time ago but he had wars with his time active and very stong feminist talking all over Sweden. 
August Is Underrated 2-day!

Carl the 16th Gustaf and his Queen
 Silvia (sommerlath)
he met at the Munic Olympic games back i
Some dog
A princess in snow.
Children dont like to stand still and do nothing in some function, The princess is controling some situation-

Stig John Claesson, signaturen Slas, född 2 juni 1928 i Huddinge, Stockholms län, död 4 januari 2008 i Stockholm, var en svensk författare, illustratör och konstnär.

Another Stig Larson and there are a third writig very  BIG criminal

Now famous but he spelled his name Stieg Larsson Odd really but someone have to be 1st.

Stockholm City Hall

Södermalm Meborgarplatsen