onsdag, augusti 31, 2016

Patti Smith - Piss Factory (CBGB's Closing Night 2006)

search terms: Gloria In Excelsis Deo Gloria (Version) Redondo Beach Birdland Free 

Money Kimberly Break It Up Land: Horses Land, Of A Thousand Dances La Mer (De) 

Elegie People Have The Power Going Under Up There Down There Paths That Cross 

Dream Of Life Where Duty Calls Looking For You (I Was) The Jackson Song Ask The 

Angels Ain't It Strange Poppies Pissing In A River Pumping (My Heart) Distant Fingers 

Radio Ethiopia Abyssinia Till Victory Space Monkey Because The Night Ghost Dance 

Babelogue Rock N Roll Nigger Privilege (Set Me Free) We Three 25th Floor High On 

Rebellion Easter Frederick Dancing Barefoot So You Want To Be (A Rock`N`Roll Star) 

Hymn Revenge Citizen Ship Seven Ways Of Doing Broken Flag Wave punk rock 

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